How much space does a horse need?

Wie viel Platz braucht ein Pferd?

Horses are large animals and require adequate space to exercise, run and graze. A sufficiently large horse shelter that offers protection from the elements is also required. The amount of space needed depends on several factors, including the horse's breed, age, health status and attitude.

Basically, horses need a space big enough to move around and stretch out comfortably. An area of ​​at least 100 square meters is recommended for an adult horse. As a rule, horses should be able to graze in the pasture for at least 2-3 hours a day to get enough exercise and produce enough vitamin D.

It is also important that horses have access to a sufficiently large shelter that offers them protection from the elements such as rain, snow and sun. The shelter should be large enough for all horses to stand in at the same time to avoid injury from running around.

When it comes to keeping horses, it is best to follow the guidelines and recommendations of animal welfare legislation and professional organizations. It is important to remember that the horse's well-being depends on the size of the space, the quality of the feed, the company of other horses and other factors. A veterinarian or equine professional can help with housing issues and make recommendations to improve your horse's living conditions.

Overall, horses need enough space to move and stretch freely, as well as access to a sufficiently large shelter to protect them from the elements.

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