What are the most common horse diseases?

Was sind die häufigsten Pferdekrankheiten?
Horses can suffer from various diseases ranging from mild illnesses to serious illnesses. Some of the most common horse diseases are:
  1. Colic: Colic is pain in the horse's digestive tract and can be triggered by various factors such as incorrect feeding, parasites or stress.
  2. Laminitis: Laminitis is an inflammation of the corium of the hoof and is common in horses that eat too much fresh grass or suffer from metabolic problems.
  3. Respiratory Diseases: Horses can suffer from various respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive bronchitis, which can be triggered by allergens or environmental pollution.
  4. Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA): EIA is a viral infection transmitted by insects such as horseflies and can cause anemia, fever, and weakness.
  5. Thrush: Thrush is a bacterial infection that affects the frog region of the horse's hoof and can lead to lameness.
It is important that horses are regularly examined by a veterinarian to ensure early detection and treatment of diseases. Good hygiene and proper feeding can also help horses stay healthy.

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