What is colic in horses?

Was ist Kolik bei Pferden?
Colic is a term that refers to pain in a horse's digestive tract. Colic can be triggered by various factors, such as incorrect feeding, constipation, intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcers or parasite infestation. Symptoms of colic can range from mild abdominal pain to severe pain that can cause the horse to roll, wallow, or lie on the ground. Other signs of colic may include changes in eating habits, a bloated stomach, trouble with bowel movements, or an increased heart rate and breathing rate.
Colic can be a serious problem in horses and it is important that veterinarians are involved quickly to provide diagnosis and treatment. Treatment depends on the cause of the colic and can range from pain medication to surgery. To prevent colic in horses, it is important to ensure adequate feeding, allow for regular physical activity and
to avoid parasite infestation. A regular vet check-up can help identify and treat potential problems early.

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