Respiration & Bronchi
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Supplementary feed for horses
The V-Cough Herbs consist of a carefully selected blend of natural herbs that have been specially selected to support the respiratory and bronchial tubes in the case of posture and feeding-related respiratory problems. The herbs it contains, such as aniseed, nettle, echinacea, sage, buckhorn and thyme, are 100% natural and can therefore have positive effects on the respiratory and bronchial system. The V cough herbs can also be given long-term.

Feeding notice

Large horses (600 kg body weight) 50 g / daily.
Small horses 25 g / daily

| ADMR Notice: ADMR 48 hours after FN (as of 06/28/21)

To enhance the feed, you can mix the herbs into the feed either dry or brewed as a brew. The recommended feeding period is at least 20 days, however the product can be administered throughout the year if required. Please also note the current Anti-Doping Guidelines (ADMR) of the FN.


  • 20% Stinging nettles
  • 12% Thyme
  • 10% Sweet fennel fruits
  • 10% Pine needles
  • 8% Marshmallow root 
  • 6% Licorice root 
  • 6% Ribwort 
  • 6% Coneflower
  • 6% Aniseed fruits 
  • 4% Carob grist
  • 4% Icelandic lichen
  • 2% Sage leaves
  • 4% Calamus root 
  • 2% Linden blossoms

Analytical components

Crude protein 10.90 %; Crude fibre 25.50 %; Crude oils and fats 2.60 %; Crude ash 10.20 %

Storage notice

Store feed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Consume quickly after opening.