Why is my horse coughing?

Warum hustet mein Pferd?
When a horse coughs, it can be an indication of various diseases or problems. Here are some possible causes of cough in horses:
  1. Respiratory Tract Infections: Cough can be a symptom of respiratory tract infections such as cough or pneumonia.
  2. Allergies: Some horses can be allergic to dust, mold or other environmental factors that cause respiratory irritation.
  3. Environmental Factors: Coughing can also be triggered by environmental factors such as dust, smoke or strong odors.
  4. Heart problems: Coughing can also be an indication of heart problems such as heart failure.
  5. Feeding-related problems: Coughs can also be triggered by feeding-related problems such as food allergies or congestion in the throat.
    If your horse is coughing, you should take him to a veterinarian to determine the cause of the cough and initiate appropriate treatment. The vet can conduct a thorough exam to identify the cause and then provide you with treatment and prevention recommendations.

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