What is biotin good for in horses?

Für was ist Biotin beim Pferd gut?
  1. Hoof Health: Biotin is essential for hoof growth and strength. It supports the formation of keratin, a protein that forms a main component of the hoof. Adequate intake of biotin can help improve hoof quality, reduce hoof brittleness and promote overall hoof health.
  2. Coat and Skin Health: Biotin plays a role in maintaining a healthy coat and skin. It contributes to the production of keratin, which is important for both hair growth and skin strength and elasticity. Adding biotin to the feed can help promote a shiny coat and reduce skin problems like flaking or itching.
  3. Metabolic Processes: Biotin is involved in various metabolic processes in the body, including carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. It assists the body in utilizing nutrients and converting food into energy.

It is important to note that biotin does not provide instant results and continued supplementation over a period of time may be required to achieve the desired effects. The dosage of biotin should be determined in consultation with a veterinarian or nutritionist to take into account the individual needs of the horse.

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